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Content creation

Do you need help with creative content creation? Or do you have a special event you want to give some extra attention to social media? Hire a content creator that can focus solely on making you look extra good on Instagram and Facebook.

I offer both long-term contracts or á la carte based projects, whether you want just one post, one week or a month of content.  Projects usually differ greatly in size and are therefore the price is made unique for each of them. Contact me for a free and open discussion about how I can help you.

Client examples

Video production

One client wanted to show off their seasoning product and asked for a video on examples of how to use it. I did a DIY video making a recipe including the seasoning. They could then use it in social media like Instagram and on Facebook to promote the product.

Social media managing

A small business selling products asked me to help them start and manage their Instagram. This was a month to month project and involved everything a social media manager do, from photographing to answering comments.

Instagram stories

A churched hired me to cover a live event they held. This included being on site during the event photographing and filming doing live updates. A fun way to spread the word about the event going on.

This is just a few examples of what can be done, feel free to contact me with what you have in mind and I am sure we can work something out!

Example of what can be done

  • Creation of DIY videos
  • Content creation for different platforms for example: photographing of products, making quote images, Instagram-stories.
  • Idea generation workshop with in-house team/ social media manager
  • Do a giveaway or run a completion on your social media platforms according to current rules.
  • A continual managing of your social media account (images/comments…) like your own in-house manager.