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Hey there, I’m Karin.

After 10 years as an entrepreneur I know that it is not possible to do all things yourself in your business, there is simply no time. Therefore, I have specialized in helping companies be more successful in their social media marketing. To reach out to new customers and sell more simply.

Because I love being creative, it is easy for me to come up with new ideas and help create new concepts. As someone said, ”Creativity is not something you do, it’s a way of life”. Which I totally agree with, however, it should be fun or goofy just for the sake of it. In these contexts, it is important to have a strategy to reach out with the message to the ideal customer in the most effective way. Simply, I love working with companies and stores to help them with strategy, content creation, and online marketing workshops.

In addition to creating fun things online, I love learning new things. This has resulted in me completing a lot of education. Among other things, I have a degree in web & graphic design and a master’s degree in psychology.

As a little trivia, for 5 years I also ran the web agency Fika Design at Varaslätten, Sweden, which helped small and large companies with websites.

Get in touch for a free call on how I can help you better reach out to your customers. Book at hello@karintegeman.se